New Year’s Eve 2008

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
Iguazu Falls (Argentina)

For those who missed some of it in 2007, here’s an update:

In 2007… I moved from Montreal back to Paris… I started learning Chinese… I started my so-called « professional adult life » by working as a marketing manager… I fell in love (only once eehh! What did you start thinking?!)… I had my heart broken… I got drunk, have fun and danced in Montreal, México D.F., Barcelona, Wien, Brugge, Dubaï, Cordoba Capital & Paris… I got kind of depressed… I put up 15 kg and then lost 11… I became addicted to Facebook… I crossed ghosts from my past and made peace with them… I met wonderful people although in weird ways: waiting for a plane, attending an international fair in Dubai, through Facebook, putting gas in my car, through friends of friends of friends, etc., I got my famous « wrist ball » removed… I got closer with my sister even with the distance… I stopped smoking (hell yeah baby, now celebrating 6 months smoke-free!!!!)…

Pfeeeewww!! That should be enough already…

I did all of it listening to music all the time (as usual), putting up with Life, struggling with events and people, and looking for my own happiness deep inside of me in order to learn how to enjoy and smile everywhere I’d be… which I feel I found and will hopefully keep close to me all along 2008… and the following years!

What I want to say is (for those who didn’t read the part before, you lazy asses): life is always full of surprises, changes, decision, sadness, laughs, events, travels, smiles, happiness, love, friendship, crossing paths, dancing and original meets… And this is exactly what I wish for all of you for 2008: I wish you all have a wonderful 2008 filled with Life and People, Smiles and Laughs, Projects and Dreams, Achievements and Success, Travels and Discoveries…

And I also hope that in one year from today you’ll think about the past year as I just did and smile about everything that happened, thinking how Life can take unimagined ways, makes rounds, squares, triangles and even sometimes straight lines :-p

To all of you, from Cordoba to Montreal, passing through el D.F., Santiago de Chile, Lille, New York, Bogotá, Aix-en-Provence, Chiclayo, Dublin, Concepción, Roanne, Mendoza, Le Havre, San José, Veracruz, Lyon, Vancouver, La Rochelle, Barquisimeto, Narbonne, Cali, Miami, Strasbourg, Lima, Anglet, Barcelona, Quebec City, Bordeaux, London, Dubai and Paris:

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FELIZ AÑO NUEVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BONNE ANNEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Smiley C.

— Post Scriptum:

Also in 2007… I still haven’t finish my thesis… I still haven’t learnt how to make it short when I write an email… I’ve missed my Montreal’s family of friends like crazy… I’ve wanted to go back to Montreal most of the time… I had lots of blonde moments… I saw again old friends crossed in past lives (Montreal, primary school, hand-ball passionate life, etc.)… AND I got suntanned for almost the first time of my life!! Woooaaaooooww 😉

:: January 1st 2008 ::
:: Córdoba, Argentina ::

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