« Silence »

Wishing for the stars to smile
Instead of some unknown tears to shine
Feeling my soul tired
Deeply angry, deeply hurt
No reason, no doubt…

Underneath the silence: a wander
The way it goes in a human head
Waiting for someone that never came
Regretting those who already left…

Broken from inside out
Who will bring the moon to me?
Strangers laughing in the dark
Strangers waving at me…

Underneath the silence: a sign
Winking at me like destiny
My peers’ shallow emptiness
This world is not my home…

Hurt within my core,
Head over heels
‘Cause it never stops
It just goes on and on…

Feeling broke when nothing yet happened
Demons winning over my strenght…
Underneath the silence: an evidence
The only sign I shall see and listen to…

… they just don’t need to know me
… they just don’t want to know me
… they just don’t care to know me

:: Septembre 2006 ::
:: Montréal (Québec) Canada ::

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