Blogging… Tentative No. 2


Dear Readers,

I have been wanting to write about stuff for as long as I can remember, but I actually never took the time to write anything about… anything! For someone who claims she wants to become a writer… I guess it’s really not serious at all, and even overrated!

So here I am! At the very beginning of the year 2010, willing to take my keypad and to write to my computer (and to you) about my thoughts, my experiences, my laughs, my cries, my images, my people, my travels, my questions… In other words: ready to talk to the World.

I guess it’s a pretty self-centered activity, even maybe too egocentric ?! But what the hell?! It’s not meant only for me; it is also aiming at sharing something with you… You: my dear… dear…. dear Friends from all around the Globe.

I’m hoping you’ll take it as it is: a mix-up of writings, lyrics, poems, thoughts, notes and posts from a 28 years-old French-Argentinean woman who travels and move around  quite a lot (too much?!); currently living in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) after being a Montreal (QC, Canada) resident for almost 5 years; and who is trying to take it all in, without losing everything she has already done, seen, touched, been blessed with and so on…

Some might think it’s a Diary, some might think it’s useless, some others might also laugh and smile with my words… In any case, your comments are welcome, since -even though it doesn’t look like it- I’d rather have a dialog than a monologue !!

Hopefully I will succeed in posting and updating pretty often, at least regularly, but if I do it the same way as I do with going to the gym… maybe you’ll read something new from me around…  January 2011 !!

Anyway, let me welcome you with a warm hug and a big smile: welcome to my « Mozaik Diaries » 🙂

Have Fun, Enjoy & Keep Smiling !!


:: 26th January 2010 ::
:: Dubai, United Arab Emirates ::

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